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Business and Commercial Security

Burglary, Vandalism, External Or Internal Theft, Liability And Unauthorized Entry Are All Issues That Can Highly Impact Your Business. Vertex Security Offers A Wide Range Of Advanced Security Solutions, Designed Specifically To Meet Your Business Needs, Assuring A Safer And Fully Controlled Environment.

Vulnerabilities in the security system are a major cause of unreliable security management in the business or commercial workspaces. Ottawa security ensures a proper and refined coping mechanism with Fraudulent scenarios including theft, unauthorized access, and sabotage. Our company ensures that every liability and loophole in the security system is covered and taken care of properly, with the help of expert technicians and consultants, providing the best options available for clients with simple to complex security needs.

With the expansion to Gatineau, Ottawa’s security is undoubtedly the best security solution choice for the capital. With cost-effective security solutions, our company commits to the installation of the most reliable and all-inclusive security systems with access control. Customized Security systems for our client’s particular needs are the main focus of the company, ensuring complete and seamless control of the security in the client’s hands.

Business Security Solutions

Running a business, with complete monitoring of the workspace with sufficient security is complementary with productivity. Security is nothing without complete access and monitoring infrastructure, which makes it easy for the client to recognize the full potential of the security system and its applicability in a business environment. Our company’s access control systems allow the client to take control of the monitoring and surveillance without having any trouble with the management and handle it with ease. Some of the advantages of our access control systems are:

Access Control Systems

Access control is all about controlling and monitoring the security system. It can be used to control the entry points in the workspace or work environment. Our company provides the latest access control technologies available in the market, to allow the client to have full monitoring and surveillance control. Access control with accessories like access cards, biometric devices turnstiles, provide better security and control options in business offices and commercial areas.

Access control is user-specific. The access control options are provided according to the user needs and integration with different security protocols of the workplace. This integration allows the client to control and limit the security protocols in different parts of the business workspace or as a whole, depending on the desires of the client or workspace environment needs.

Video Surveillance and Management Systems.

Video surveillance is of great importance as it keeps a record of everything happening around the workspace, making sure a proper productive environment with fewer changes of theft and burglary. Ottawa Security provides the latest CCTV, DVR (digital video recording), and NVR(network video recording) technologies, guaranteeing 24/7 monitoring without any interruptions or glitches. The monitoring services allow the client to take control of the liabilities within the security system. Surveillance system integrated into the access control, allows the client to remote control and view security footage from anywhere and at any time, allowing the client to stay tension free without any interruptions in the workspace security.

Video recording helps in the insurance of the workplace and for keeping a record of the workplace 24/7. Ottawa security provides the client with the hosted video storage and allows users to automate the security system from an app on a smartphone, PC, or tablet. This ensures a surveillance system, more reliable than ever before, based completely on the needs of clients and requirements of the workplace.

Intercom Systems within a workspace

Intercom systems allow users to have a wide range of usability within an affordable price range. Intercom systems are widely used in small and large businesses, including commercial markets. Ottawa security provides the latest intercom systems, integrated with access control, to provide better management and monitoring power. Intercom systems are quite useful in monitoring and handling inter-office traffic and communication while safeguarding the company’s privacy and secrets. This also includes the safeguard for the company’s employees.

Ottawa security provides a wide variety of intercom services from video intercoms to intercom systems with remote control,  cordless intercoms, or wired with many accessibility options to satisfy the client’s needs. Our company also provides intercoms integrated with certain apps.

Access control-integrated intercoms are also an option that allows monitoring and control of the office or workspace intercoms with much ease and efficiency.

Control and Integration

To allow the client to have full monitoring and management control over the security system,  Ottawa security provides a better and efficient perspective in security solutions. Integration of the security system and its modules at one place with access control is an efficient and cost-effective way to control and monitor every security system with a running business in real-time.

Ottawa Security’s versatile system integrations allow the client to monitor all the security traffic most easily and reliably possible, bringing every aspect of security, on a single platform and with every accessibility option to bring the client on board with the security protocols of the business workspace. This integration allows the monitoring of multiple security modules at a time. for example, the client can use access control to monitor the security video footage and also restrict access of employees to the workplace simultaneously and in real-time. This allows the client to be in complete control of the security system and making sure that the right security measures are to be taken with every security protocol.

Remote access is also the aspect of access control provided by our company. This accessibility option provides portability and access control of the whole security system, from anywhere and at any time. Making sure that the client’s security is well implemented and completely applied to the workspace, the remote access gives detail logs of entry and exits (authorized and unauthorized) with video footage, which can be accessed by an app which is available for smartphone, computers at home and home tablets.

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