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Construction Security System

Construction site security enables the investors, stakeholders, and workers to work and construct in a completely safe environment with no tension of liabilities and vandalism. The security modules for the construction site should be industry-grade and well customized. Eyeon Security is a leading security company that ensures your construction site gets the best applicable security solutions with reliable access control.

Most Construction site are million-dollar investment and construction industry suffers a heavy loss in construction equipment theft, misuse of resources, and vandalism every year. 

This happens mostly when the security is not managed and analyzed at the construction sites, making the area more insecure and prone to misconduct and theft. We ensures that the construction site is secured with the latest and durable security equipment. The cost-effectiveness of the security modules allows the stakeholders to easily invest in our security systems and allow us to handle all their security needs.

Safety is a priority on the construction site ant that is why we provides security solutions that allow the site administrator to easily monitor the construction site  easyly.

This also enables the administration to monitor the site with their smartphone,  personal computer, or a tablet, more easily and efficiently, without actually having to be on the construction site.

Construction Site Security System and services.

Eyeon Security provides efficient and customized security systems. We offer automated turnstiles, surveillance camera systems, site entry and exit mechanism, and alarm systems, with access control to allow as convenient as possible. This ensures that extra measures are taken to avoid any loophole in the security system custom made for your site.

We security also provides a full maintenance plan for your construction site, making sure that the security and surveillance system is up and running at all times. The security system is easy to use with the access control provided along with the security modules. The access control makes it easy for complete control and management of the security with simultaneous monitoring. Preventative and corrective maintenance plans are optional for the client according to the construction period and requirement for megaprojects or small scale construction.  We are certified to provide the latest security solutions for any type of construction site.

Why You Need a Security System At your Construction Site?

Many stakeholders are not concerned with the security of their site. The construction companies overlook this major requirement when designing their construction projects. Construction site security enables the full productivity of the workers and a trusted environment overall. The addition of security makes it easy for the stakeholders to have confidence in the workers and staff for the most efficiency and reliability of the workers. The security system can also be repurposed to monitor the equipment used on-site, making sure that deadlines of the construction are reached on time. Here are some of the reasons why stakeholders or investors must consider construction site security.

  • Vandalism

As much as bitter as it may seem, vandalism is an emerging part of society. A security measure is important to monitor the vandals and the construction site equipment which may be affected by vandalism.

  • Theft

Theft is avoidable. Ottawa security provides the latest and advanced security measures to allow complete protection and monitoring of the equipment. This prevents the loss of equipment while retaining its full functionality.

  • Contract Disruption

The intervention of any kind may disrupt the seamless flow of construction and may affect productivity and time management. Security System provides a safeguard against any type of unwanted disruption.

  • Digital Log

The security system keeps track of all the areas of the construction site, which may help in catching or stopping thieves and vandals. The strategic placement of security cameras may be very much useful in this case.

  • Labour Protection

The labour must have trust in the administration of the construction company. This allows the labourers to feel more safe and interested in their work with full productivity. This also helps them in the protection of their full rights and have confidence in their work. Complete surveillance makes it easier to keep a check on labourers but also enables the administrator to watch out for the labourers and ensure that safety protocols are followed throughout the working hours.

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