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Government facilities demand a sophisticated approach when it comes to security. As one of the government security contractors in Ottawa, Eyeon Security offers integrated security solutions for federal, state and local government agencies that are suitable for their needs.

A governing body is by far the most crucial body for a country. The security needs for government facilities are also of utmost importance with much more sophisticated accessibility. This ensures that every government facility is secured with the latest and state of the art security modules, designed specifically for the specific government buildings.

Eyeon Security is one of the leading security companies which provides its services all over Ottawa. Our security modules comply with the government standards of security and privacy and can be modified to fit any government facility’s security needs perfectly.


Eyeon Security provides security solutions for federal, state, and local governments with customizable accessibility controls. We offer the following solutions:

Access Control

Access control allows full integration of the security modules and their management into one place. This system helps the administrator to control and monitor all the security modules. It also allows the security administrator to restrict or allow government employees, civilians, or guests into a specified area or room with ease. The access control can be provided with various modifications to control card reader modules, retina modules, or biometric modules as required by the facility’s needs.l.

Security Camera Systems

Security camera systems are a necessity. For a government facility, the security camera system is a requirement that can never be neglected. Eyeon security provides the best security camera solutions for the government facilities with integrated access control to monitor and control the security cameras in high definition and with no concern of environmental conditions. Eyeon Security provides a high definition camera and monitoring system for the government facilities’ external areas and interior.

Alarm Systems

Advanced alarm systems are available at your disposal with access control integration. This helps to control and monitor alarms in the exterior and interior of the building. The alarm systems can be attached to the facility’s windows and doors, providing a complete check of security for every corner of the facility. The access control allows the security administrator to monitor every security module individually.

Turnstiles, barriers, and gates

Entrance to the facility is of uttermost importance when it comes to security and accessibility for a government institution. Eyeon Security provides security turnstiles, barriers, and gates with security locks with the latest technology.

Integrated Systems

Integration is the critical point of modern security systems. In the form of access control, an integrated approach is a convenient method of controlling and managing your facility’s security system. Eyeon Security provides an easy to use access control that helps the security administrator adjust the security protocols according to the security system’s needs and manage the whole security system from just one panel.

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