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If you are a gym owner, you must be fully aware of the constant flow of incoming traffic and outgoing out is happening, making it an easy target for theft, injuries and violence. From keeping your members safe to taking note of the people entering and exiting, every gym must have robust security systems that include Access Control, Security cameras, and many other options as per your needs.

Eyeon security Ottawa specializes in providing its customers with a wide range of services, especially for commercial properties, keeping them safe from being ill targeted. Our high-end security systems guarantee safety to all businesses, keeping them up to date with all the happenings within the designated field of work. We are a reputed company aiming to provide premium-level security solutions with customer service of optimum value.

Security Systems For Gyms, Health Clubs And Fitness Centers

Types of security systems for your gym

The type of Gym security systems that your facility might need depends on the overall layout and the number of members interacting daily. These facts and figures also help decide exactly where and what type of system needs to be integrated to yield the best results.

Following are some gym security systems that must be installed within the facility to ensure the safety of your gym as well as the members/staff.

Gym Access Control

An access control system is defined as a setup that maintains the incoming and outgoing traffic from a particular area. It as an electronic system that typically uses cards or fingerprints to allow access to a specific site. These systems are capable of recording the time of entry and identifying who tried to access it.

At Eyeon Security Ottawa we incorporate end-to-end Access control systems integrated with alarm systems and CCTW monitoring. Identifying who entered by using a key even though cameras are installed can be problematic if the CCTW cameras are not angled correctly. Access control security system cancels out this issue by identifying what authorized person entered at what time which can later be used for evidence if it has to go to litigation.

With an access control system, you gain more control and effective management over your gym, saving your expensive machinery and ensuring that all violence cases are adequately monitored.

Gym Security Cameras

Comprehensive gym security starts with security cameras that allow the administration to monitor the movement and keep a record that can be shown as evidence in a lawsuit. Whether placed inside the gym or outside the front door, security cameras are a must-have piece of security equipment.

Here are some of the reasons why you should have CCTW monitoring installed in your gym:

  • Protects expensive equipment

Being a gym owner, you must know that the equipment costs several thousand dollars. It is essential to have a quality control system to keep everything in check with such equipment around.

  • Protects customers/members:

The cameras are not just placed to keep the machinery safe but also the members. Video surveillance helps keep an extra set of eyes around the gym, making everyone a safer place.

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