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Best Security Systems For Hospitals & Health Institutions

Hospital Security Systems

Healthcare institutions face a lot of challenges daily and providing security for the healthcare industry is even much more challenging. The security of healthcare staff, patients, and visitors is of top priority. 

Medical data is increasing day by day with much more sophisticated infrastructure and information value. This is to be considered that newer protection and security strategies are required, based on the sensitivity of data. There is also a need to ensure the security of high-level and latest clinical equipment which can be very expensive and hard to get. Eyeon security provides a security solution for every security threat to healthcare institutions in Ottawa and Gatineau area.

As a prominent security company, we ensures that all challenging security situations are handled and faced with the latest technology and customized security solutions. As a certified security company, we make sure that every security requirement is met, according to the latest security standards and policies.

Integrated Security Systems.

To manage every department of the hospital, monitor every patient, and provide security for the patients and their clinical data, Eyeon security provides integrated access control for every security condition with the best possible design. Liability claims are much prominent in healthcare institutions. Our security systems provide access control with accessibility options to cover much of the vulnerabilities in security and the management system. Integration also covers every system module in the security system, making sure that the administrator has full control and overview of the security protocols in place and can operate it in real-time simultaneously and with much ease and reliability.

  1. Security hardware

The latest security hardware contributes to physical implementation of security system, providing much ease in use and management. We provide the following security hardware.

  • Turnstile Systems
  • Locks (electronic) and Strikes
  • Exit Equipment and Panic Bars

2. Access Control

Access control is designed by our technicians, specifically according to the client’s requirements and the hospital’s environment. Our access control contains additional accessibility options for the following security system modules.

  • Keyless Entry System (usable with card & fob)
  • Cloud-based solutions for data management of patients and staff
  • Biometric module for Access Control
  • Management System for visitors and temporary patients
  • ID Badging and Management System

3. Surveillance and Monitoring

Monitoring and surveillance can be used for security and for monitoring of patient’s conditions and to keep a check on them. Eyeon Security provides the best solutions for monitoring and traffic handling, to overcome insurance issues and liabilities. We also provide a video storage module for 24/7 video recording and monitoring. Following Modules are provided by us.

  • Network IP Cameras
  • Indoor and Outdoor Security Camera Systems
  • Vandal Proof and Night Vision Camera Systems
  • PTZ and Megapixel Cameras

4. Intercoms and remote control

Intercom Systems provide a much larger range of internal network with accessibility and access. We provides the latest intercom systems with remote control, allowing handling of traffic and management of the staff with stable connectivity. 

Our company provides the following modules.

  • Video/Audio Intercom Systems
  • Wireless and Wired Intercom Systems
  • Nurse Call and Management Systems.
  • Room to Room Intercom and Doorbell Buzzer Systems


To provide a risk-free, efficient, and 24/7 fully functional security and management system for the hospitals. We analyzes security needs of healthcare institutions, design the most cost-effective and efficient security system, and install the latest security modules by employing the best, trained technicians and consultants.

 This ensures that all the modules are up and running at all times with proper functionality. Our team provides on-call guidance to any system shutdown situations and on-site maintenance when required. This brings about another level of security assurance in healthcare institutions.

Our company’s consultants are experts in their field while analyzing your security needs and designing what’s best for your healthcare institution. 

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