Hotel Security Systems


Hotel Security Systems

Hotels require one more layer of security to ensure that the residents feel more at home and develop a bond of trust with the hotel brand. Security systems ensure that hostel customers are entrusting their luggage and valuables to the hotel management. This is why security plays a very important role in popularity and success of the hotel.

Hospitality is never to be compromised. We make sure of that. By designing the custom access control, according to hotel requirements and as per the demands of its customers, we make sure that each customer’s privacy is respected and secured efficiently. 

This includes providing a security system for the overall building . This lets the hotel buy in the trust of its customer with full reliability. The liabilities are not an option and Ottawa Security makes sure of that.

Our consultants take one step ahead and analyze the security system in a very specific way for each of the hotels and their requirements. Their skill and long-term experience make it easy for the hotel administration to let them know of their security needs and get a complete consultation about the security modules they want. 

After that, the designers make sure that each security module is designed perfectly according to the needs of the client with access control and accessibility options. This solidifies security surveillance and monitoring as required according to the security procedures and protocols. 

The installation technicians make sure that each security module is installed and is in working condition. After that, all the security system is completely analyzed and testing for assurance of performance and reliability.

Hotel Security Essentials

Security Protocols are required to be updated and maintained all the time as the hotel requires. Because the privacy and security of the guests can not be compromised. Ottawa Security provides a 24/7 helpline for the maintenance and troubleshooting of the security system. We are also entitled to providing technical assistance when required. Our technicians are available at all times are just one call away. Our company provides both preventative and corrective Maintainance to make sure that the security system is updated and running at all times.

Hotel Security Solutions

Ottawa Security is providing its services all around Ottawa city and Glataneau in designing, implementing, testing, and upgrading the current security system into your hotels. Our security solutions for hotels and hospitality services are briefed below.

  • Access control system

Access control is essential and provides a lot of accessibility options with the security system. Access control allows the client to control the security protocols with complementary accessibility options, making it much easier to monitor the security and surveil with ease. Access control can be used through the card, app, or fob technology.

  • Audio/Video intercoms

Intercoms may seem like outdated technology, but it is the best one in providing an internal network of monitoring and communication. Audio and video intercoms are useful in acquiring requests from the customers and to handle those requests accordingly. This also allows the administration to keep a check on the security of the hotel. Ottawa security makes sure that an all-time working intercom system is implemented throughout the hotel rooms.

  • Indoor and Outdoor Security Platform

Indoor and outdoor security platforms are quite essential as per hotel needs. Some protocols are to be set in real-time with usability limited to the staff or customers of the hotel. This ensures that the security protocols are followed when needed and at the right time. Our company installs indoor and outdoor security platforms for ease of use.

  • Security Camera Systems and Surveillance

Camera systems are a must when we talk about surveillance. Ottawa company equips your hotels with the latest security cameras and surveillance system, allowing you to keep a record of every activity with ease of control and accessibility. This also helps your hotel’s insurance and allows you to keep the trust of your customer.

  • Access Control and Facility Management

The access control makes it easy for the administration to have full, efficient control over the security system of the hotel. Accessibility options allow the facility management simultaneously, allowing the administration to take full and efficient control of the hotel’s security.

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