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Gain an ongoing overview of your office space, benefit from the advantages of fully controlled access management and increase employee productivity and diligence with eyeon Security office security solutions.

Irrespective of their size or industry, the office security system is a fundamental part of any organization to sustain a working environment. A well-implemented Office security system allows the employees to be comfortable and opens many gates to growth. Any potential threat to office assets or the employees can result in a hefty financial loss to the company. Office security systems might look like a straightforward term, but it requires planning to execute all the systems to perfection appropriately.

At Eyeon Security Ottawa, our experts understand the need for a security system in a commercial environment. They can plan out what type of security systems will fit into the vicinity. Large businesses with high sums of available capital must have robust security systems integrated with already installed systems. Small businesses tend to attract more thieves due to the lack of security that they might have. To avoid any violent activities in EyeOn Security Ottawa, Security Cameras, Alarm Systems, Access Control, and Structured Cabling are offered. Audio Visual Automation.


  • Latest Access Control Systems:

Restricting the entrance of unauthorized people is no more an issue. You no longer need physical interaction from indoors to allow access to guests. EyeOn Security Ottawa will integrate the CCTW monitoring with the access control system so that the entrance ways can be remotely locked and unlocked by a single software point of control that a single person is running.

In a much-restricted environment, the use of keypads, access cards and biometric methods can be implemented.

  • Video Surveillance:

Ensuring that employees work diligently and are true to their responsibility, cameras can prove great assistance. The feeling of being watched forces the staff to work correctly and reduce the number of attempted theft attempts and violence. These wide-angle cameras will not keep a blind spot giving you HD live view and storage facility so that the recordings can later be used to analyze the situation critically.

  • Alarms:

While alarms may seem insignificant in such a confined space, they are not. Many burglary attempts have failed solely because alarms are being used to make everyone outside aware of the ill doings inside while also terrifying the burglars. Merely installing an Alarm system can prove highly practical. Specifically for office security, these alarm systems enhance other security components making the overall system an effective one.

At EyeOn security Ottawa our experts are available 24/7 to help you plan, design, install and maintain the most efficient and cost-effective office security system that will meet your business requirements. Contact us now to learn about flexible and fully scalable office security that will keep your employees comfortable and maintain a healthy working environment.

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