Assessment and Consultation

Client’s security needs are the top priority for our company. The security needs are assessed for each client particularly depending on the needs and infrastructure of the requirement and further challenges that could be faced by the client and the potential need for the advancements in the security needs in the coming future with changing environment and technology. The business or building is inspected first and the client is briefed through all the available options regarding the client’s needs for a security system.

Our consultants have expertise in analyzing and tackling the security needs of the clients. The consultants will be in touch with the client and prepare an all-inclusive assessment report, which is based on the latest security system standards and conditions. The standard security system policies are followed throughout the assessment to ensure safe and up to date security system installation.

The assessment process is specified for each particular security system project, based on the client’s personal or business needs. Yet, the following procedures are kept consistent throughout the assessment of the security system:

We hire consultants who are best in analyzing the security needs which differ from client to client and who give expert advice on the security system upgrades and installation. Our consultants are currently based in Ottawa and Gatineau and are currently operating directly with a range of businesses and residential buildings which require the latest security systems. In this way, they can keep their expertise and technical abilities up to date.

Design and Planning

Our Ottawa based company is department based. After understanding the requirements of the clients, the whole assessment is forwarded to the design team. This is the initial step for the company to design a security system specifically for the project of the client’s workspace. The designers take the assessment under consideration and design an infrastructure for the security and alarm system, offering flexibility in terms of adjustability, constancy, and extensibility.

Our modular design for security systems and security system upgrade and planning services include the following packages:

An iterative modeling procedure is followed while designing a security system for the client. The security system is visualized and reviewed followed by testing before implementation. Integration of multiple departments of our company helps to speedily design and implement a project with reliable cost-range and latest technology.

A detailed review of our security solutions is briefed ahead.


Just installing a specifically engineered security system doesn’t ensure full functionality and reliability of the system. Our technicians will help to ensure a complete installation and workability of the system. The technician’s immense experience in their respective fields allows them to install, manage, and integrate the systems much more efficiently and speedily, making the workplace more secure and responsive to security threats.

We will assign a designated project manager to oversee every technician working on the project simultaneously. The project manager supervises the installation team, system components, and ensures the correct installation and delivery of the security system. The project manager also ensures the performance and design of the system which is based on the first assessment by the consultants.

Our work and work quality are outmatched as expert technicians are paired with one of the best security hardware present on the market. Robust installation of the components on to the designated platforms inside the security systems ensures the top quality of the system. To make sure that the client’s needs and queries are fulfilled, our team works under a complete collaboration with the contractors, subcontractors, and service providers.

Testing is the final stage of installation which is done vigorously to ensure a soothing security experience for the client.


A security system is a liability if it isn’t used properly. After the security system and all its components are installed, our training team is there to help the client in using the system and the common people who are interacting with the security system. A complete guide to the access control of the system may be beneficial to the client if trained properly. For this purpose, our Ottawa security company provides the following training in different fields of the security system.

Eyeon security is dedicated to provide its client with the best user experience and will provide a security training session. The company is also dedicated to providing online tutorials for the training to ensure employee’s confidence in the security system and the company.


The installation and training allow a very low level of maintenance to the security system. The client will be ensured of perfectly working, up to date security system confirming complete security of the client’s workspace, throughout the year.

Eyeon security ensures preventive maintenance which is scheduled over-time to have a check on the security system which may prevent some malfunctions before time. The preventive maintenance includes inspection of every component of the system, with security and software updates check, and complete testing of system components.

Eyeon security will also ensure corrective maintenance when required, ensuring the prevention of complete system shut downs. Our maintenance services are available 24/7, ensuring a complete support service and keeping the client under confidence. The corrective maintenance includes system repair, system component replacement, reprogramming of the system software, and system reconfiguration after the repair.

Eyeon Security is dedicated to providing its clients with a soothing and reliable service in terms of security and its assurance. We have our high-end professionals working tremendously for a top to the line user experience without any failures.

Contact us for more information about how Eyeon Security can assist you in planning, designing, and implementing a security system meeting your specific needs.