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Safeguard your business and minimize inventory shrinkage with Eyeon Security's best- security systems and solutions for your pharmacy or drugstore.

With more than 7000 reported pharmacy break-ins incidents per year, owners have to think over their Pharmacy and Drugstore Security critically. Pharmacies are considered financial targets but not specifically for cash. The prescription drug abuse epidemic contributes significantly to the increased number of burglaries as the hefty amount of money returns are seen in prescription narcotics. While some pharmacies have installed some necessary security measures that might keep their staff and their business safe, but to what extent? The burglars have become more sophisticated in their planning and course of actions keeping every aspect in mind while attempting to perform the crime.

As a leading security company, Eyeon Security Ottawa is here to help you plan out everything according to your needs. We’re committed to help you monitor restricted medication and protect your business. We offer High-security locks integrated with robust access control systems, Surveillance cameras, Alarm systems and many more.



  • Intrusion Detection Alarm System:

Alarm system failures are one of the primary reasons why most burglary attempts go successful. With the average percentage of Alarm system response being 64%, Eyeon security guarantees 100% response rate. As the number of fake alarms being sent to the authorities is high, Alarms are kept a low priority. We’ve combined CCTW footage and the Alarm signals being sent to the authorities removing the risk of fake alarms, while also making them aware of the surrounding they would have to get into.

  • Locks with Access control:

High-security locks provide increased resistance and force the burglars to spend loads of time figuring out how to dismantle it. These locks allow the authorities to reach within the window of time and take strict actions. Full integration of access control with the locks will give you a perfect combination of security and convenience by only granting authorized personnel access to the sensitive areas of your pharmacy.

  • Security cameras:

Quality cameras are the core of building an effective security system that can monitor everything. You will be able to have an EYE ON all the activities.

For Pharmacy and Drugstore security, EyeOn Security Ottawa understands what customer needs the security system. Thus, to provide the customers with best services, the company considers several factors that assure that the customer is delighted. While adapting to the changing needs of security systems, we try to give our clients the best possible advice that fits their current situation. To keep your property safe and secure from all intruders and ill-doers, contact EyeOn Security right away!

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