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Property Security Systems

Eyeon Security Has A Wide Range Of Products And Solutions That Gives Tenants Peace Of Mind

Eyeon Security work on a wide range of property types and the integration of the security system according to the client’s needs is our top priority. Ottawa Security deals in property from commercial buildings, high-end real estates to residential areas where clients have developed small home businesses or want to have a secure system for their homes.

Ottawa Security is all about understanding the client’s need for security, access control, and privacy at any workplace or home. Our company masterminds the integration of security systems with homes of business offices, to allow complete unified control over the security and management inside the property area.

Property Management

Home security has become a new norm in the modern world. Having security is a compulsion and a necessity. Ottawa security collaborates with the well-known property management companies in the local area to ensure a complete and flawless installation of security systems within certain types of properties, ensuring the client’s satisfaction and reliability on the company’s security systems.

In the collaboration with property management, Ottawa security provides the following services to its clients for better access control and surveillance.

  • Designing and Installation of Security Systems.

Ottawa security provides a better way to design the security system in compliance with the client’s needs and requirements for security. Our company offers an iterative model working of the system, with design prototypes consulted and reviewed at each step with the feedback from the client. This ensures the final system to be formed exactly as the client requires.

The installation of these systems is done with professionalism and ease as the design. the systems included in the installation process are the camera system, alarm system, automation system, and surveillance system. The installation is done by our team of expert technicians in collaboration with the property management to ensure the system to be up to date with the standards and the policies of the property.

  • Annual Maintenance Contract.

Annual Maintenance Contract on the property allows the Ottawa security to directly ensure the maintenance routines on the office or home property. This contract briefs the overall annual maintenance of the security system on the property confirmed with the proper functioning of the security system which may include the camera system, alarm system, surveillance system, and access control.

This contract guarantees the reliability of Ottawa Security towards its clients, and towards the dedication of providing a  seamless experience in terms of security and privacy.

  • Billing Plans

Our company provides easily manageable, payable, and efficient billing plans, according to the security system and the client’s financial structure. This allows easy transactions from client ends and continuous security implementation. Our consultants discuss the billing plans with clients before getting on board with the project to allow the client to select between the billing choices and infrastructure.

  • Liability Concerns

Every security system has its own sets of vulnerabilities, which are to be tackled beforehand. This may include unwarranted lawsuits and injury claims which may lead to fraud. To avoid any security-related fraudulent conditions, Ottawa security provides its clients with a video storage hub, ensuring long-term video and audio storage for the surveillance system, which ensures a complete backup of all the video footage, thus ensuring the client’s safety beforehand.

These liability concerns are discussed with the client before installation and are optional for the client to integrate the storage hub with the security system.

  • Risk Assessments

Risk assessments are quite important when it comes to security systems. Risk assessments are done after the installation to ensure a soothing experience without any glitch in the security. Ottawa Security ensures a periodic assessment to keep a log of the errors or shutdowns in the system and clear the errors with time and according to the need of the system. The risk assessment plan is selected by the user at the installation time of the security system.

Customized Security

Customized security is the new security structure according to your unique security needs. Ottawa security ensures that its clients get the best out of security systems, with their custom-designed security and surveillance system, allowing them to have full access and control over the whole system with a way to overcome liabilities and blindspots in the system in the realtime. This guarantees a complete and secure household or an office environment with much greater access control.

Every client has its own unique and peculiar needs with respect to the property and workspace environment. Ottawa security will stay with the client on every step to make it certain that the client gets the optimum security design that complies with the security standards and policies of the client’s property and will help to create, install, test and implement a seamless security design which is fulfilling the client’s every possible security need without any interruptions.

Remote Automation and Management

Remote automation allows the client to get complete control of the security and surveillance system, anywhere, anytime. A client can do alterations in the security protocols, such as changing the passwords or changing the recording times for video tapping, or changing the viewing angles of the camera system.  All these features incorporated with portability, helps the client to gain complete access to the security system, thus ensuring the safest way to control and manage the security system.

Automation and Management of the security system can be expanded to multi-complex offices, homes, and different floors of the buildings. This provides a versatility element to the access control, thus reaching customer satisfaction real quick.

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