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Eyeon Security Has A Wide Range Of Products And Solutions That Gives Tenants Peace-Of-Mind Combined With Convenience And Flexibility.

Eyeon security provides the best security solution in Ottawa for residential areas and buildings, making sure every security policy is strictly followed with a full log of security protocols and having an access control that lets the client manage and monitor the security with much ease and efficiency.

Residential buildings are not about work and productivity, but are all about comfort and feeling secure, which is a major factor in the residential and property industry. Ottawa Security help to ensure a comforting experience with our security solutions, allowing the client to easily manage the security modules such as security locks, security cameras, and authorized entry, all at one place with the help of access control. The Remote nature and automation help to arrange and schedule the security protocols with the time of the day and the needs of the residential environment.

Trust in the place you live is all we care about. With our access control integrated with the latest security modules, help to create a secure environment, providing security in both exterior and interior parts of the building apartments, penthouses, and studio apartments. A very easy to use access control, allows the clients to create a secure environment with the security options in their fist with further accessibility modes provided by our company.

Client’s safety and security is our top priority. As residential buildings are prone to theft and robbery, Ottawa security ensures that the residents trust the security procedures installed by the company and can control and manage the security protocols from the palm of their hand by using state of the art access control program.

Residential Buildings Security Solutions.

Ottawa Security provides a systematic way through for the client to select the security system according to their needs in collaboration with the company’s highly skilled consultants. After planning the security, a security system with complimentary access control is designed according to the residential apartment, ensuring complete integration of the security within the designated area. Our company also provides repair services and 24/7 helpline service for staying in touch with the consultants of Ottawa security. This ensures a complete guidance system in place for any troubles faced by the client during the management of the security system or access control.

Complete Residential Building Security

  • Complete access control in compliance with the security system is provided to the client. The client can control each security module separately with accessibility controls helping the client to get better control of the security of the residence. The access control may be provided with a fob, card, or a fully developed security management app.
  • Intercom services are also provided by Ottawa Security guarantees the best mode of communication and traffic monitoring within the residential area, ensuring a completely safe environment that the client wants and desires.
  • Security camera systems are a widely popular source of security and privacy protection, which is solely based on monitoring and visual data. Ottawa security provides the best visual solutions in this matter to allow the client to complete surveil the residential apartments through access control. Our company provides wireless security cameras for residential entries, ensuring that no unauthorized entry takes place in the absence of the client.
  • Monitoring is a simultaneous process, allowing the client to see through every security camera and other security modules to keep a check on residential apartments or any other residential property. Ottawa security provides the most reliable monitoring solutions, integrated with access control, to allow the user to have a reliable controlling and monitoring system, with logs.
  • Electronic security is a new and reliable way to control entry access points into the apartments and buildings, which can be controlled by using a smartphone app or a computer. This provides the user to have a much more reliable and durable way of making sure that the security remains intact without any breach.

Eyeon security provides the best audio and visual solutions for the security and safety of its clients. Our three-fold process of acquiring and analyzing our client needs allows us to perfectly design a security system with access control for specific needs of the clients.

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