retail store security system

Retail business is one of the most profitable business presents now but is also prone to the most loss due to theft and shoplifting. The retail industry faces a significant threat from common thieves. Eyeon Security provides a whole new perspective on the security measures when it comes to safety and Security. With our services offered all through Ottawa, our company ensures that our clients are satisfied with their shops security measures and are profiting from it.  Eyeon Security ensures that each module applied to your shop works simultaneously to avoid theft and shoplifting. The access control also provides a complete check on your shop and its goods.


As a retailer, Security should be least of your problems as we have taken care of it. We provide a large variety of security solutions with modifications to your liking. This is what makes our company stand out in delivering full Security to your shop. We provide the following security services:

Video Surveillance System

Video surveillance has become somewhat a necessity in any place which requires Security. The retail shops are in danger, 24/7 which thieves and shoplifters impose. With our state of the art security cameras and monitoring system, the retailers can relax and monitor their shops’ interior and exterior with high definition recording in real-time. It ensures a full systematic security which is imposed on your retail shop 24/7 for better Security.

Burglar Alarm Systems

Alarm systems are quite useful for Security and alerts. In the case of burglars and thieves, the alarm systems can be installed on the retail shop entrance and exits, ensuring that the thieves won’t enter the shop in the first place. This is an effective way of avoiding theft. Eye on Security provides every type of alarm systems for your retail shop’s Security.

Remote Access Control

Access control is essential for any retail shop, as it lets the security administrator to review and monitor security measures in place for the shop. This also ensures that every security module is working simultaneously to maximise the shop’s Security even in the non-working hours or when it’s closed.

Electronic Lock System

Electronic locks provide more accessibility and Security to your retail shop, as the owner can activate and reactive the locks remotely through a smartphone. The electronic locks also allow the owner to change security keys remotely, providing a more secure way to access the retail shop. EyeOn security offers various electronic lock systems with diverse accessibility controls for a modified and personal security experience.

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