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schools And Educational facilities,

Security of our young ones and the future of our nation is the top priority.

A secure and productive environment is necessary for every educational institute, providing students and teachers with a space to be creative and share their ideas effectively.
Eyeon Security allows to constructively build the institutional security with access control allowing full control of security to the administration, proving a feasible way for a secure and safe environment.

Ottawa security is not about security systems, but about the people’s feeling of safety. And to best ensure the security and productivity of the school environment,  Ottawa security has the best possible security solutions for the schools And Educational facilities, of every infrastructure.

Parents’ comfort of sending their children to a safe environment for schooling is the main focus of our company. Reassuring the safety and security of the future, we take extra steps while using the latest technology to make the children feel at home at the educational institutions.

Ottawa Security is proud to be the school’s first choice of security solutions throughout Ottawa. We provide a wide range of the latest security systems with access control for the security of the children and the staff at different schools And Educational facilities, institutions. Allow us to design, plan, and install every security measure possible at your facility, for the safety of our future generation.

Security needs and requirements for the schools And Educational facilities, institutions, and training centers are quite different from the office workspace or business environments due to a shift in the purpose of the atmosphere. Our consultants are trained to help with every security need of the client, ensuring complete trust and confidence of the client.

Extensively providing security solutions with accessibility options as per the need of every school or college, we provide cost-effective security solutions, specific for different schools. Ottawa security has maintained its reputation for covering a wide area of Ottawa with security solutions designed according to the need and requirement.

Security Solutions for Educational institutes

As a prerequisite, security comes first. Educational institutes crave productivity and creativity, but a need for a safer and comforting environment is always essential. Following are some briefed security solutions which we provide for the security of the school facilities in Ottawa.

  • Intercom and Door Entry Systems

Intercom systems are best for monitoring traffic and inter-institutional links. This helps to develop a network of coordination and security commute routes for the administration to have control over the security system. Door entry systems provide a better way of the secure environment by allowing only authorized personnel into the institute’s building. This allows full control over the reliability of the safer environment. As the door entry systems take a record of the entry of each individual using the system. So, it’s easier to manage and keep track of the pupil in the institution as well.

  • School lockdown Security Systems

Lockdown situations are to be handled with care to avoid any panic situations or losing control of the situation. This requires systematic lockdown security measures which are deliberately designed to ensure that necessary measures are taken in a lockdown situation. This ensures the complete security of the individuals attending the institution without creating a panic situation.

  • Door Access Control Systems

Door access control is used to control the entry and exit points of the building. This access control is quite useful in controlling different parts of the building with the considerable security and allowing the administration to direct the individuals into the building according to the conditions, promising their security. Ottawa security provides the best security systems in the form of automated turnstiles and card entry systems, allowing the students to be alert of the security and assuring a safe environment.

  • Security Cameras Systems (CCTV)

Security surveillance is used in educational institutions, to keep the decorum in place, while ensuring the rights to privacy of the students and making sure no unethical actions are taken under any conditions. Our Company provides the latest security camera system for surveillance and video tapping. This helps to keep insurance as well, making the environment safer and tension free.

  • Alarm System and Monitoring

Alarms systems are installed according to the requirement of the workspace and environment. Ottawa Security specializes in providing alarm systems, specifically designed for laboratories, libraries, hallways, and classes. This ensures that any time of the hazardous incident is quickly identified and the administration is alerted in time.

  • Control Room

Access control provides a fully remote and automated experience while handling security measures and protocols. The control room provides a physical den for all the access control panels, in one place. This makes sure that all the security controls are safe and under the hands of the administration, to avoid illegal or unauthorized use of the access control. Ottawa security ensures that a complete and safe control room is installed within the organization to monitor and surveil the institution without any difficulties.

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