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Our security camera systems are designed to provide you with peace of mind and protection for your home or office.

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Residential & Commercial Security Camera Installation in Ottawa

At Eyeon Security, we are committed to providing our customers with the latest and most advanced surveillance technology. Our security cameras are designed to be easy to use and highly versatile, offering a range of features and benefits that can help protect your home or business.

Our cameras are connected to your home’s internet network, allowing you to access real-time footage from your computer or smartphone. This means that you can monitor your property from anywhere, at any time, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to take immediate action in case of any potential threats.

Our surveillance cameras are also designed to be user-friendly, pairing with mobile apps to allow you to control your camera using your smart device. With automatic push notifications, you’ll be alerted if the camera’s power is disrupted or if the camera detects any motion. This means you can always stay informed about what’s happening on your property.

If you’re looking for a reliable and effective surveillance solution, look no further than Eyeon Security. Contact us today to learn more about our security cameras and how they can help protect your home or business.

Protect Your Ottawa Property with Eyeon Security's Advanced Video Surveillance Systems

Eyeon Security is Ottawa’s leading provider of premium security camera installation services for both residential and commercial properties. We offer a comprehensive line of high-definition (HD) and internet protocol (IP) cameras designed to deliver complete surveillance coverage, giving you peace of mind and total control.

Why Choose Eyeon Security for Your Video Surveillance Needs?

  • Crystal-Clear Clarity: Our advanced IP technology provides exceptional image quality, allowing for easy identification of people and objects – even in low-light conditions.
  • 24/7 Remote Monitoring: Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing you can access your security cameras anytime, anywhere, from your smartphone or computer.
  • Integrated Security Solutions: Our cameras seamlessly integrate with existing alarm systems, fire monitoring services, and intercoms for a unified security network.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: We design custom security camera systems to ensure complete surveillance of your entire property, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Expert Installation and Support: Our experienced technicians will handle the entire installation process, ensuring your system is up and running smoothly. We also provide ongoing support to ensure your system’s optimal performance.

Why should you install cameras in your Home and Offices?

Installing cameras in your home and office offers a number of benefits to help keep your property safe and secure. With modern technology, surveillance cameras are becoming increasingly versatile and easy to use, providing you with a reliable way to monitor your property.

One of the main reasons to install cameras in your home and office is to deter potential burglars or vandals. With visible cameras placed around your property, intruders are less likely to attempt to break in, knowing that they are being watched. This can help to reduce the risk of theft and damage to your property.

Cameras can also be used to monitor employee activity in the workplace. This can help to improve productivity and safety, as employees will be more likely to follow rules and regulations when they know they are being watched. In addition, cameras can be used to monitor any potential hazards in the workplace, helping to prevent accidents and injuries.

Another benefit of installing cameras in your home and office is the ability to monitor your property remotely. With modern cameras, you can access real-time footage from your smartphone or computer, allowing you to stay connected to your property even when you’re not there. This is particularly useful for parents who want to keep an eye on their children or pets while they’re away.

In the event of any incidents on your property, cameras can provide valuable evidence to help you take action. Whether it’s a break-in, vandalism, or an accident, surveillance footage can be used to help identify the perpetrators and provide proof of what happened.

Overall, installing cameras in your home and office offers a range of benefits to help keep your property safe and secure. From deterring burglars and vandals to improving workplace safety and productivity, cameras are a valuable addition to any property.


Security system that is designed exclusively for you 

We understand that a single  CCTV video surveillance solution cannot work for all sorts of security requirements.  Thus to provide our clients with the best services, we consider several factors, to come up with the most secure and reliable surveillance solution. We look for the following questions when designing a plan for your security system.

  • Do you require night vision?
  • Do the surveillance cameras need a  pan,  tilt,  and zoom functionality?
  • Do camera systems need high tolerance to reflection and glare?
  • Is vandal-resistant design required for high vulnerability areas?
  • Do you need a  combination of indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras?
  • Will you be recording a  single local hard drive or multiple dispersed hard drives for increased security and redundancy?
  • Do you need analytics for facial recognition and similar software options?

Base on your preference,  the best security device,  or system is selected upon the following criteria.

  • Value:  We consider the overall value that customers are getting when ranking cameras.  Price and video specifications together are considered when determining value,  and this influences our ranking process.
  • Consumer  Ratings:  Only  Cameras with the best ratings are placed higher on our principles.
  • Video  Specifications  &  Quality:  We look for cameras that provide the best video quality,  such as high definition  (HD)  video resolution,  and additional features like night vision,  two-way audio,  cloud  &  local storage,  lighting,  a  siren,  and motion detectors. 
  • Storage:  To ensure the safety of your surveillance data,  we look for cameras that offer local,  cloud,  or a  combination of both storage types.
  • Installation:  The best security cameras are easy to install and have flexible installation options.  Ease of installation and flexibility  (DIY  and professional options)  are taken into consideration.
  • Power  Options:  We understand that each customer has different needs concerning power options.  While wired power might be a  preference for some customers,  battery power might be preferred for others.  Flexible power options are given more weight.
  • Smart  Home  Functionality:  Smart technology is now available for many products we use daily.  Security cameras that offer  Alexa,  Google  Assistant,  Apple  HomeKit,  and various other smart technologies are available for you to select. 
  • Professional  Monitoring:  while professional monitoring is a  bit costly,  we understand that security is a  priority for any.  Customers  may  have  to  purchase  the  full  course  with  their  camera  to  access  this  feature

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