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Installing a home and business alarm system helps you keep burglars out, reduce employee theft, stop unauthorized access and prevent shoplifting. Gain around-the-clock protection, remote access and central station monitoring with Eyeon Security’s custom-tailored residential and commercial alarm systems.

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From the earliest and simple alarm systems to today’s complex and cutting-edge technology, the basic principle behind an alarm system has remained the same. They are designed to detect, determine, and deter criminal activity or other threatening situations. 

An alarm system can detect an event such as an invasion, fire, gas leak, or environmental changes, determine if the event poses a threat, and then send a notification about the event. Alarm systems can be installed at entry points to avoid intrusion or sensitive points where the likelihood of a fire or other disaster is heightened.

Ottawa’s Top Provider of Premium Alarm Systems

With our Security Alarm System service in Ottawa, we provide our customers with a wide range of high-performing Alarm Systems for Residential & Commercial properties. We incorporate end-to-end Access Control Systems integrating with Alarm and CCTV monitoring, which is an effective way of maximizing your existing security systems.

Our Alarm System Packages

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Why Should You Install an Alarm System?

The prime function of an alarm is to alert users against any event for which the alarm is set. It may include a number of events, but mainly alarm systems are used to keep alert against fire, burglary, theft, and intrusion. It may be used to reduce vandalism. To keep your classified business details or any other personal stuff to your reach only, alarm systems can be installed in your office or at home. 

Alarm systems can also provide an Audit Trail for evidence if required for litigation. It can reduce the incidents of work health and safety claims by restricting access to areas that may be construction zones or areas that are at risk of slips, trips, falls, breaks, threats, and intrusion. 

They enable you to have a cost-effective verification system through Integration with CCTV limiting or eliminate the need for patrols and alarm response personnel on the premises. 

In compliance with legal and regulatory obligations in industries and other commercial buildings, alarm systems enhance and improve workplace safety and security.

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Why Choose Our Alarm System Installation Service

With our Alarm system service, we understands the need for an exclusive system designed specially to work in conjunction with all of your security requirements, providing you with a reliable solution for any type of alarm in any building. To provide our clients with the absolute best, we design an exclusive System dedicated to your requirements. Every system is designed and installed in light of the following questions.

• Number of staff requiring PIN access?
• Number of Staff that requires 24-hour access to the premises?
• Does the System need to be accessed remotely for programming?
• Is there a requirement to restrict users to specific hours of operation?
• Does your System require CCTV Integration?
• Which Doors do you need to Alarm?
• Do you need to provide Access Control in conjunction with your Alarm System?
• Will you be linking or monitoring multiple properties?
• Do you need to integrate with existing Intercom systems?

Keeping in mind your preference, we select the best device following these criteria: 

Cost: With our Alarm System service in Ottawa, we understand that budget is one of the most important factors when considering any offer or product. We endure top-quality systems that are worth every penny.

Response Time: The efficiency of any system depends upon its response time. We provide our customers with the best alarm system, ensuring a quick and effective response to minimize the disastrous effects.

Installation: There are a number of DIY and professionally installed alarm systems. We suggest professional installed systems to ensure safety.

Features: Regardless of the place you are selecting an alarm system for your house or workplace, you should be looking for an all-rounder system that can alert you about any calamity.

Customer service: Our Alarm System service in Ottawa, is dedicated to provide systems that have the highest number of satisfied customers.

Ease of use: The purpose of an alarm system is to alert you in case of any emergency. It should be easy to use in panic-inducing situations.

Durability: A system with both indoor and outdoor components must be reliable and durable to ensure maximum security. We only use the ones that are the latest and most durable to save our customers from any inconvenience after the installation.

Smart Automation: Alarm systems that work with Google Assistant or other smart programs like Alexa or Siri can send you notifications on your smartphones.

Components of Our Best Alarm System

After acquiring an understanding your requirements, Our Alarm System expert will provide you with a design consisting of multiple components making up a well-architected comprehensive professional Alarm System. The components may vary for different sites and industries, but as a general rule, they may include:
• Alarm System Architecture Design
• Motions Sensors
• Duress Alarms
• Alarm Monitoring (GSM & GPRS)
• Magnetic Reed Switches (Door & Window Contacts)
• Wireless Devices (remotes)
• Card readers (no of Cards/Fobs)
• Secure Location of Cabinets
• Cabling or Wireless
• Management Software
• Remote Access devices/software
• Modem Router for remote access
• Integration and Verification Services (CCTV & Access Control)
• Operator software and User training
• Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS)

Eyeon Security is always ready to equip you with the best and latest technology. Adapting to the changing needs of security and alarm systems, we provide our customers with the most efficient systems. To keep your property secure and your loved ones safe, contact us for the best deals.

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