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Audio Visual Ottawa

What is Audio Visual Automation?

The technology is progressing in a way to make everything automated and self-aware of its environments. Audiovisual automation aims to construct a system that unifies the controls of camera system, alarm system, security system, and audio systems which are automated and can be controlled from a single place.

Why use Audio Visual Ottawa Automation?

Automation is all about control, combining the control aspect of Audio and Visual systems in one place, thus leading to efficient management. Audio Visual Ottawa Automation also tends to connect and interact across different audio and visual systems. The automation also provides a sense of access control to all of the systems as we can selectively restrict parts of the automation, providing the user with more control over every system included in the automation.

Audio Visual Services We Offer In Ottawa

We provide our services in the following areas to cover all the audio and visual needs in homes and businesses.

Advanced audio solutions for homes and businesses

Audio systems are a part of a bigger picture when it comes to security and management in homes and small businesses. We provide up to date and reliable audio solutions for homes and businesses with interlinked access control in Ottawa and Gatineau. Audio automation gives control to the audio devices (whether security or entertainment) in an advanced yet easy way. The product range includes speakers, microphones, and a high-end linking system for perfect accessibility and usage.

Audio zones for multiple room distribution

Audio zones are quite helpful in a way to provide a soothing and synchronous surround sound with the same volume and frequency to the environment. Audio zones are applied where a large area is to be covered for the audio needs. Audio zones can be implemented in the workplace or homes according to the requirements. Almost any environment can be turned into an audio zone. Multi-room distribution allows a synchronous audio environment for businesses and homes where the work environment is distributed into several rooms or workspaces. The camera system joined with audio zones can be a perfect combination for surveillance for small businesses and homes.

Home Media

Home media allows control over the entertainment, security of homes, and appliances management in one place. Home media lets you record particular shows, games, and other entertainment sources with scheduling options. Home media can also be used as access control when it comes to recording and saving entertainment shows and security footage from the local home surveillance. We provide exceptional home media devices which include a control system, for controlling the entertainment devices with an access control program.

Home Theatre

Home Theatre is very popular in modern times and can be considered as a perfect example for entertainment at homes. Home theatre includes a visual system(a projector or a big TV screen), paired with a surround sound system and some accessibility controls. Our company ensures a steadfast installation of a home theatre with all the complementary features for a mind-blowing and realistic experience.

Projector Systems

Projector systems can not be neglected when it comes to business conferences or in-home entertainment. Projectors play an important role in entertainment and management systems. They can also be used as a substitute for larger screens and screens for surveillance systems.

Wired and wireless solutions for exceptional audio experience

Sound is mandatory with visuals, but the quality of sound must complement the environment. We provide an in-depth sound experience with wired devices for surveillance systems and wireless audio products for home entertainment and home media. This provides an immersive experience for the user who is either enjoying a movie in their homes or presenting in an office. 

Central Air Vacuum Installation

Ventilation inside big housings and buildings is quite essential to keep the temperature normal and according to the environment. We provide a versatile range of central air conditioning systems for a better interior environment with controls over to the user. The system is installed with access control and is integrated with the home media installed in homes or offices.

Sound Bars

Soundbars are complementary with the home theatre and home media, given an immersive experience with the visuals. They can be installed with the home theatre and can be integrated with the home media to remotely control the surround sound to the user’s liking. We deliver a wide range of soundbar products according to the need and the room-size. Soundbar covers a wide range depending on the home theatre and the size of the room.

Video Walls

Video walls are installed according to the requirement of the user and depending on the need and environment. Video walls are quite useful for surveillance systems and security camera systems. They can also be used as a mode of home entertainment and in offices for business strategy discussions and presentations. Our company understands the needs based on the user and provides better options for the user to select from.

Sound Masking

Productivity at a workplace or home is considered a top priority while running a business. Sound masking helps to create an environment that is more relaxing and privacy-ensured. Sound masking is mostly installed in office workspaces to remove the background noise, which allows the user to focus on the work more efficiently without getting interfered with. This also helps in the privacy of the multiple users working in the same workspace. Our company ensures the installation of sound masking with the latest technology and an efficient way of installation with higher acoustic satisfaction.

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