Residential and Commercial Security Cameras Systems

security camera installation ottawa

View a remote live feed of security cameras and monitor your premises, anytime, anywhere using your smartphone, PC or tablet, with our top-of-the-line security camera systems. As a security cameras company in Ottawa, we deliver effective and simple to use video surveillance and security cameras systems.

security camera installation ottawa

security camera ottawa

In the past,  a  surveillance security system usually consisted of a  series of cameras connected either hardwired or wireless to a digital video recorder  (DVR),  which were then used to record the images and displayed them on closed-circuit television  (CCTV)  or monitor.  Nowadays,  it has become much easier and versatile to have a  standalone security camera. 

No matter how many cameras you have,  they work with your home’s internet network to send digital footage in real-time to your computer or smartphone.  Most consumer cameras store data internally,  on a  removable microSD card,  or in case of a  wireless connection,  data is stored remotely on the cloud.  

Modern surveillance cameras pair with mobile apps to control your security camera using your smart device.  You’ll automatically receive push notifications when the camera’s ower is disrupted,  or the camera detects any motion.  It enables the user to view real-time video,  record,  and review directly from a  smartphone.

Top Provider Of Premium CCTV Video Surveillance  Systems In Ottawa

We  provide  a  wide  range  of  high  performing  security  camera  systems  for  surveillance  purposes  for  both  the  retail  and  business  sectors  in  Ottawa.  Incorporating  end-to-end  CCTV  monitoring  is  an  effective  way  to  enhance  your  existing  alarm  and  fire  systems  and  other  existing  security  applications  such  as  intercom  systems.  

We  are  a  reputed  company  experienced  in  providing  security  solutions  specific  to  your  needs  and  budget.  Our  video  surveillance  systems  provide  security  for  every  Ottawa  property,  from  residences  and  small  businesses  to  high-end  commercial  buildings.  Most  of  our  video  products  feature  digital  IP  –  this  enables  you  to  identify  people  and  articles  of  interest  in  any  situation.

Why should you install  CCTV  cameras in your Home and Offices?

Security  cameras  act  as  an  effective  deterrent  for  vandals,  providing  you  a  visual  shield.  It  also  an  effective  way  to  keep  tabs  on  how  your  employees  are  working.  Monitoring  employees  can  help  employees  improve  productivity  and  improve  safety,  thus  making  a  more  efficient  and  safer  workplace  for  all.  

It  is  evident  from  statistics  that  security  cameras  have  significantly  reduced  the  incidents  of  robbery  and  theft.  Intruders  may  refrain  from  breaking  in  and  trespassing  through  your  property  when  they  see  a  security  camera.  In  case  of  any  unfortunate  event,  the  necessary  evidence  remains  unharmed  to  help  you  file  a  report  against  the  perpetrators.  

Visual  video  recording  of  incidents  related  to  work  health  and  safety,  including  slips,  trips,  falls,  breaks,  threats,  and  intrusion,  helps  aid  in  quick  response  to  any  such  disaster.  These  cameras  provide  the  user  remote  access  to  their  home  to  monitor  children,  elderly  or  pets  from  their  workplace.  Security  cameras  also  ensure  compliance  with  legal  and  regulatory  obligations  in  industries  such  as  the  financial  services  and  liquor  and  gaming  industries.

security camera installation ottawa

Security system that is designed exclusively for you 

Security  Camera  Ottawa understands that a  single  CCTV  video surveillance solution cannot work for all sorts of security requirements.  Thus to provide its clients with the best services,  the company considers several factors,  coming up with the most secure and reliable surveillance setting.  We look for the following questions when designing a  plan for your security.

  • Do you require night vision?
  • Do the surveillance cameras need a  pan,  tilt,  and zoom functionality?
  • Do the  CCTV  systems need high tolerance to reflection and glare?
  • Is there a  requirement to identify number plates with the cameras?
  • Is vandal-resistant design required for high vulnerability areas?
  • Do you need a  combination of indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras?
  • Will you be recording a  single local hard drive or multiple dispersed hard drives for increased security and redundancy?
  • Do you need analytics for facial recognition and similar software options?

Keeping in mind your preference,  the best device,  or a  system of integrated devices is selected upon the following criteria.

  • Value:  We consider the overall value that customers are getting when ranking cameras.  Price and video specifications together are considered when determining value,  and this influences our ranking process.
  • Consumer  Ratings:  Only  Cameras with the best ratings are placed higher on our principles.
  • Video  Specifications  &  Quality:  We look for cameras that provide the best video quality,  such as high definition  (HD)  video resolution,  and additional features like night vision,  two-way audio,  cloud  &  local storage,  lighting,  a  siren,  and motion detectors. 
  • Storage:  To ensure the safety of your surveillance data,  we look for cameras that offer local,  cloud,  or a  combination of both storage types.
  • Installation:  The best security cameras are easy to install and have flexible installation options.  Ease of installation and flexibility  (DIY  and professional options)  are taken into consideration.
  • Power  Options:  We understand that each customer has different needs concerning power options.  While wired power might be a  preference for some customers,  battery power might be preferred for others.  Flexible power options are given more weight.
  • Smart  Home  Functionality:  Smart technology is now available for many products we use daily.  Security cameras that offer  Alexa,  Google  Assistant,  Apple  HomeKit,  and various other smart technologies are available for you to select. 
  • Professional  Monitoring:  while professional monitoring is a  bit costly,  we understand that security is a  priority for any.  Customers  may  have  to  purchase  the  full  course  with  their  camera  to  access  this  feature

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Residential and Commercial security system monitoring

Multiple components make up a well-architected and comprehensive professional security surveillance systems. These  components  may  vary  for  different  users  with  different  preferences  and  requirements,  but  as  a  general  rule,  they  include  elements  such  as:

  • CCTV Architecture Design
  • A PC or Linux  based Network Video Recorder  (NVR)
  • IP Cameras
  • Lenses
  • Cabinets & racks
  • Disk Storage
  • Cat 6 or Optical Fibre Cabling
  • Network and Power Over Ethernet (POE) Switches
  • Video Management  Software  (VMS)
  • Remote Viewing Software
  • Modem Router for remote  viewing
  • Video Monitoring & Alarm  Verification  Services
  • Operator and User training
  • Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS)

Eyeon Security is always ready to equip you with the best cameras and latest security technology.  Adapting to the changing needs of security and alarm systems, we provide our customers with the most efficient systems.  To keep your property secure and your loved ones safe,  contact us for the best deals.

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